Knowing your legal rights as a young person can have a significant effect on your life. There is a difference however before and after you turn 18. Before you turn 18 there can be different rules for you and for others, such as whether you can drive or buy alcohol, however afterwards you have the same legal rights – and responsibilities – as all other adults. Whatever age you are, it’s important you know that you have rights at home, at work and in the community and can find out what these are.

Legal rights in Australia include voting. If you are a citizen, then it is your right, and your privilege, to vote! Because voting gives you an important say in how your country is run, it’s important that you enroll to be eligible to vote as soon as you turn 18. This will enable your voice to be heard in national, state and local elections, and on important decision making matters.

Whether you are a consumer, employee or tenant it’s good to get the right information from a reliable source. Of course it's a good idea to ask an adult for some advice, but if you want to go straight to the source, below are some helpful resources to get you started.

Know your rights:

Youth Central - Know Your Rights

Young people and the law:

Legal Aid - Young People and the Law

Youth rights at work:

Young Workers Centre

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