Key Selection Criteria


Not every job asks you for key selection criteria. Often the ones that do are for government jobs in Moonee Valley City Council. We know it can be off-putting to answer key selection criteria but it's important to answer them as best as you can. If a job has asked you to answer it then they expect you to complete it. Some employers won't even look at your application if you haven't answered the criteria!

We have a foolproof formula to help make it easier. Introducing the STAR model!
This model makes your application easier to read and get to the point.

S = Situation
Give a brief summary about the problem you were trying to solve or something you were trying to achieve.

T = Task
Explain what you had to do to try and achieve your goal/resolve your problem.

A = Action
What steps did you take to get to your solution? Explain your process.

R = Result
Describe the outcome of your actions and what you managed to accomplish and learn.

Key Selection Criteria 

To answer the selection criteria well make sure you have answered all areas of their question. You can provide more than one example if it helps. Be specific with your examples about what you have done and what the result of your work achieved. Best of luck!

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