Congratulations on getting a job!

In case you didn’t know, you have rights at work too, even as a part timer or casual worker. If you ever have any issues at work with your employer or workmates treating you unfairly, it’s good to know your basic rights and entitlements as a worker – it’s all about fair work! Health and safety are also very important in the workplace too so if you feel something just doesn’t look or feel right, say something!

Australia is a country that has a designated minimum wage, and gives protection for different kinds of work and situations. For example there is a minimum amount of leave your employer must give you in certain situations and there is a maximum number of work hours in the week. In casual work you may not know exactly when you are going to work or how many hours, and you won’t get paid holiday or sick leave, but you should be paid at a higher wage because of it, this is called casual loading.

Sometimes you may discover that your employer is not treating you according to the rules. In these situations, it’s important to get some advice about what to do, how to raise it with them, and to protect yourself and your rights. You may find this information helpful:

Young Workers Centre 

Know your employee rights:

Youth Central - Employee rights

Check out Work Safe Victoria’s website:

Work Safe Victoria

More information on employment rights:

Youth Central - Employment rights

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