Community safety

Young people in Moonee Valley have told us that safety is really important to them and we agree! That’s why we made it number one in our strategy for young people – Thrive. This relates to the way young people and others treat each-other and whether they feel safe on the streets, in their home and at work or in school.

The key components to safety are preventing crime and injury, therefore a safe community is a healthy community. If you are feeling unsafe out in the community, make sure that you don’t keep it to yourself and that you tell someone what is going on.

Two men with two kids in playground

Moonee Valley City Council works hard to ensure that we live in a safe and healthy community, but it’s up to each of us to make our neighbourhood the kind of place that we want it to be.

Moonee Valley City Council also has a Community Safety Program, read it here:

MVCC - Community Safety Program

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