TAFE is really great for teaching you practical skills to get you ready for work, or if you didn’t receive an offer from the university that you wanted to study at, completing a TAFE course can be a pathway to get into that university at a later stage. It doesn’t take as long to complete a TAFE course as it does a university degree, however the higher qualification that you decide to complete the longer it will be.

At TAFE you can complete the basics, with a Certificate I or go all the way up to an Advanced Diploma or Graduate Certificate or Diploma level. Just remember, that you can only get HELP assistance for each level once. Similarly with trying to find out what subjects you want to do in high school, work backwards from the end goal. What do you want to do and from that, what course can you take to get you there? Then look into those courses and see which one works best for you and go for it!


People go to TAFE for different reasons. For some courses and some roles it is the best place to get the most practical experience for the job. For other people, it is a pathway to try something if they are not quite sure what they would like to study or to get experience to get into a course they may have really wanted to do, but didn’t get into. Others go back to study at TAFE to add on to another degree that they already have. But whatever the reason, TAFEs can be great learning places, just make sure you do your research beforehand and that the level of support you get from your TAFE is what you need as an individual.

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