At university you can do full time or part time study. Full time study can be anywhere between 12 and 35 contact hours per week (in tutorials, lectures or workshops). You can also study part time. Importantly, full time and part time hours can vary from course to course, so see what works best for you. Uni is a totally different way of learning to school, that you might really like… or not so much. Because you are the person responsible for your work, and no-one is checking up on you regularly it can take a bit of getting used to, and it’s important to find what helps you stay motivated.

Sometimes adjusting to this new way of studying can be hard and stressful, so it’s a good idea to check-in with yourself and make sure you’re feeling on top of things. Maybe the assignments are overwhelming if you don’t have time to do them because you’re caring for a family member or friend or because you’re working a part-time job? If you’re not feeling okay, talk to someone about it. You can talk to the student counsellor for support or talk to your course coordinator if you’re unsure if your course is right for you, they can give you more resources and support to help out. If you’d still like some extra support, get in touch with us at Valley Youth!

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Uni is also a great opportunity to make friends. Most people are in the same situation as you, they don’t know many people at all, and many things are new for them. You may find that people are much more open minded and accepting than school and that there are fewer cliques. You might like to join one of the many clubs and interest groups to make friends, have fun doing what you enjoy with others, or even try something new!

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