Thrive - Strategy for Young People (PDF) is a plan that guides how Mooney Valley City Council will work with young people. It is a part of a bigger plan called the Moonee Valley Council Plan 2017–2021 which describes Council’s aims over the next four years and the strategy to achieve them. This includes the MV2040 Plan in which the community have outlined the kind of future they hope for in Moonee Valley.

With these plans in mind, the Thrive Strategy has been developed as a service planning tool for Council and a guide for community action. In developing the strategy, Valley Youth asked young people who live, study work or spend time in Moonee Valley about what makes a good life for them. The results have been turned into Action Areas for the work of Valley Youth.


The Thrive Strategy details the specific objectives, trends, consultation findings, and the strategies that Council, the service sector and young people will use to respond within each of these six Action Areas.

  1. Being loved and safe - A city where young people are respected, safe and free to be an individual
  2. Having material basics - A city where young people are able to meet their own needs, wants and aspirations
  3. Being Healthy - A city where young people are feeling great in body, mind and spirit
  4. Learning - A city where young people can be curious, inquisitive and learned
  5. Participation - A city where young people can be involved in community life and have a say in important decisions
  6. Supportive systems and environments - A city where young people can thrive

You can download Thrive Strategy and supporting documents here:

The Thrive Strategy was developed using the approach advocated by the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth’s (ARACY) national best practice model, the Nest Framework. This framework provides a common metric on the wellbeing of young Australians and was developed through a nationwide consultation process involving almost 4,000 participants, with the aim of understanding young people’s aspirations and expectations around their wellbeing. The framework identifies the six key areas required for young people and children to have a ‘good life’ as utilised in Thrive. ARACY provides more information on this approach: Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth

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