Know someone who is awesome, aged 12-25 years and lives, works, studies or socialises in the City of Moonee Valley?  Give them a shout out by nominating them for a Young People's Award! We want to acknowledge young people and their achievements and make sure they are recognised for the awesomeness they give back to our local neighbourhoods. 

The Young People's Award program happens twice a year and is run by our Young People's Committee with the support of Valley Youth. The award recipients receive a certificate presented by the Mayor at Council’s Public Forum and a $150 voucher.

Some examples of achievements and contributions you can be nominated for include:

  • caring for family or friends
  • running a local community project
  • advocating for change across their neighbourhood
  • starting a social / sports group
  • achieving in the arts, music and culture

It’s a great opportunity to showcase the great things that young people do in Moonee Valley, that we might not get the chance to hear about without your help. Tell us about what you or someone you know are doing to make a difference in the lives of others.

Applications for the Young People's Award are open from February 12 until March 26, 2019.

To make a nomination, please email with the following information.

Nominee Name: 
Nominee address:
Nominee phone number: 
Nominee email address: 
Nominee age: 
I have asked the young person for permission to nominate them: Yes/No
Nominee's connection to Moonee Valley is: 
Your name:
Your relationship to the nominee: 
Why are you nominating this person? What are the nominee’s personal achievements and/or contributions to community life?
Is there anything else you would like the Committee to consider in reviewing this nomination? 

You can also stay notified about the award by following the Valley Youth facebook page

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