So you have just turned 16, hurray! The legal driving age in Victoria is 16, so you can now start to learn to drive. It can be a bit daunting at first but learning to drive will give you flexibility and independence. To get started, reading the VicRoads road rules is a good idea to familiarise yourself with certain driving skills and prepare for your test.

Learning to drive can be quite a confidence test, so it’s good to find an adult to drive with whom you trust, and who you know won’t get too stressed while you’re getting to know a vehicle and the road. Usually the best place to learn to drive is somewhere very quiet and off the main streets. You may find it helpful to go somewhere that is familiar or where you know there aren’t too many turns or obstacles. 


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If you don’t have a parent/guardian or adult that has their full license to teach you, Moonee Valley City Council can help! L2P is a VicRoads initiative, learner driver mentor program to assist young drivers between 16-20 years old. Each young person is matched with a fully-licensed volunteer mentor who provides professional driving lessons.

Find out how to get your learner license here:

VicRoads - How to get your L's

Learn to drive:

Youth Central - Learning to drive

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