The online world can occasionally be a dangerous place – just like the real world. But there are some things you can do to protect yourself and reduce the risk. At Valley Youth, we take cybersafety seriously and believe everyone should feel safe and valued online. Issues online can take shape in a number of different ways, such as abusive texts and emails, imitating and humiliating others online, and hurtful messages. It’s about knowing that it’s happening and seeking advice.

Below are some handy tips and links to help you stay safe online and also give you the skills to prevent you or your friends from being bullied in the future or revealing too many of your personal details. Remember various sites, including social media, have their own guidelines about how to behave online that you can refer too.

Cybersafety Tips


    Think about what you say and do when online and keep your personal stuff private.

  2. BLOCK

Don’t open any unknown links and attachments and block nasty messages from people you know and don’t know.

      3. NOTIFY

If something upsets you online or if someone asks to meet you offline, raise it with someone you trust! 

If something happens online or on a social media platform and you need it dealt with in a hurry, contact the Children’s ESafety Commissioner, who can help you to figure it out and has the ability to remove items from numerous sites.

For more help, read these Cyberbullying Facts:

eSafety cyberbullying facts

More information on social media regulations:

eSafety information

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