Safe Relationships

It’s really important that every person feels safe in their family, friendships and in romance or sexual relationships. These relationships are places where you should be appreciated for who you are and given respect, trust, honesty, affection and love – just like you want to be giving to others. A healthy relationship will not be the only one in your life, but rather will be someone who knows that you need a range of different friendships, supports and people whom you support.

A good relationship is one where you feel free to express yourself, where you trust the other person and they trust you. Good communication is key to a positive relationship. Some of the signs that a relationship is healthy can be that you are enjoying yourself and having fun and so is the other person, but that you also do things separately to each other and can make your own decisions. Of course, no relationship is ever perfect, but you should feel that on the whole you are happy, healthy and supported to be yourself.

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Often in our friendships it can be easy to walk away if we feel like we are not being ‘treated right’ or that situations are unhealthy for ourselves or others. When we get involved in romantic or sexual relationships, it can be much harder to walk away if things aren’t right, but it is just as important. Watch out for warning signs like if things in the relationship aren’t fair or equal, if you don’t feel trusted or someone is jealous of you spending time with others. If you need support or advice to make a call or get out of a relationship, you can make a time with a Valley Youth Counsellor or Case Worker, or get started by checking out the links here:

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