School offers lots of opportunities, hopefully what you learn in school will prepare you for the work you will find interesting and fulfilling in the future! Sometimes school can feel frustrating and not connected to the rest of your life or opportunities you are interested in. If that’s the case, you may like to consider getting involved in some leadership or creative opportunities to expand the people you spend time with and the things you learn. Or you might like to get someone to guide you in choosing your subjects so that you choose the most interesting and relevant topics for who you are. You may even want to contact Valley Youth to find someone to support you through the school journey.

Chances are, when you get to year 10 teachers (and parents) will start asking you to think about what you want to do when you leave school. It might make you think about what kind of career you want when you finish and it’s hard to think about that if you’re not sure. If you have a rough idea of what you’d like to do, start with that and then look at the courses that you would need to do in order to achieve that. Find your interests – what do you like already, what are your strengths and what’s something that could possibly combine those?

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A good place to start is the VTAC website – you can explore the website and see if something sounds like it suits you. If you’re unsure, talk with your parents, mentors or the careers counsellor to help you decide what suits you and your interests best. Another helpful resource is The Good Careers Guide. This is a resource for students and young job seekers to assist in their career journeys. It contains more than 400 job descriptions as well as what is required for them, typical tasks in particular jobs, training that may help you on your way and even employment opportunities. What’s really handy, is that it’s available as a print guide, website and e-book!
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