Girls Got This

Young Women's Program

If you're a young woman aged 12-16 and passionate about young women's matters, join our new group! This program gives young women the chance to develop life skills such as public speaking, self-care and confidence in a supportive space.

You can meet others like you, get involved in your community and be part of conversations and topics that are important to you.


Our next official catch up will be happening Tuesday May 14  from 4.30pm-6.30pm at our Valley Youth Space.

Fill out this form on your computer (you don't even have to print it!) and send it to to get involved!

What they said:
"In this program I learned how confident I can be."
"I am not as afraid to speak. I used to hold back."
"I personally feel really supported and not alone."
"I learned how to be more social and less scared."
"I have improved in my confidence and how to lead."

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