Moonee Valley boasts some of the best cafes, green spaces, sporting clubs and arts venues in metropolitan Melbourne, so it’s no wonder its popularity among young people is growing. The work of Valley Youth is guided by a number of plans in order to achieve the community’s vision for Moonee Valley in the future. 

One of the most important documents is the Moonee Valley Council Plan, which outlines the path to achieve a city of clean, green and beautiful, vibrant, diverse and sustainable communities that people experience as friendly and safe to live in. The Council Plan identifies how we will respond to various challenges, and also the opportunities we will seize to make the vision a reality. 
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MV2040 is Moonee Valley City Council’s long term plan informed by the local community and that outlines how to meets the needs of a growing population, from transport and climate change to community health and wellbeing, all of which relate to young people of course! 
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Valley Youth asked a broad range of local young people about their needs, their hopes for the area in the future, and the positive changes they would like to see in their community in order to ensure it continues to be a wonderful place for young people to live. The results are captured in Thrive: Strategy For Young People! The strategy has been developed as both service planning tool for Council, and as a guide for community action. 
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